The Enchanted Sea


This collection of 10 original works for two harps (or harp and melody instrument), by Kathryn Cater, centers around a water theme. The pieces are styled in a variety of genres – romantic, new-age, jazz – and their titles evoke sea creatures and folklore, sparking students’ imagination. Harp 1 is presented both in the grand staff (for harpists) and in a single staff (for melody instruments), and is playable by beginners or advanced beginners. Harp 2 is more suitable to intermediate level harpists. Included are:

Castles in the Sand
Mami Wata
Phantom Ship
Sea Horses
Selkie Dance
Water Faeries
Wave’s Lullaby

This collection is available as a PDF download for $20.00. (Includes all parts.)

Length: Each piece is 2 pgs.; Total length is 52 pgs.