Autre Chose for Pedal Harp—Vol 1


Autre Chose for Pedal Harp—Vol 1 is a collection of original works for pedal harp by François Pernel and includes ten solos as well as one substantial, five-movement duo. “My music is often spontaneous and intuitive,” says the composer. “There are repeats, superimpositions, contrasts, and harmonies directly inspired by composers like Debussy or Messiaen. There are repetitive, minimalist pieces à la Satie, modal harmonies, Celtic phrasing, and some groovy lines!” Scroll down for contents.

This collection is a PDF download available for $20.00.

Length: 86 pgs.

Duration: 60:00

Note: This book is formatted for A4 paper size. Use the settings in your printer dialog box to get the best fit for your paper size.