Harp Crossings


Diana Stork’s Harp Crossings is a collection of eleven Latin Amercian-inspired original compositions and traditional arrangements for solo lever harp (two of the pieces also appear in a version for two lever harps). Included are:

“Lamento Apureño” (solo)
“Lamento Apureño” (solo, second version)
“St Martin’s Tango” (solo)
“St. Martin’s Tango” (two harps)
“Breezes Over Brezo” (solo)
“Two Seas” (solo)
“Campanas de Boda” (solo)
“Campanas de Boda” (two harps)
“Maria Eugenia” (solo)
“Midnight Calling” (solo)
“Light Dances” (solo)
“Numero Diez” (solo)
“Mango Tango” (solo)
“Luz del Sol de Asilomar” (solo)

This collection is a PDF download available for $24.99.

Length: 67 pgs.