Asian Folksongs for the Smaller Harp


Deborah Dahl Shanks’ “Asian Folksongs for the Smaller Harp” includes 22 folk songs from a variety of Asian countries (Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Mongolia) and China (representing 8 provinces) for lever or pedal harp. These easily accessible arrangements have been adapted to get the most out of the smaller 26-27 string harp with one octave below middle C. Included are:

“Barley and Rice”
“Go-ne Go-ne”
“Let’s Play Terrapin”
“Mountains So Green”
“Plowing with Water Buffalo”
“Mongolian Shepherd Song”
“Let Us Even Now”
“Greet the Rising Sun”
“Jasmine Flower”
“Feng Yang Flower Drum”
“If the Rain Doesn’t Fall”
“In That Faraway Place”
“Kang Ding Love Song”
“Little Donkey”
“Rainbow Sister”
“Purple Bamboo Flute”
“Lift Your Veil”
“Sweet Bird of Youth”
“The Wagoner’s Song”

This collection is a PDF download available for $20.00.

Length: 39 pgs.