What Child Is This?


Barbara Chapman and Debra Cross have arranged the traditional English ballad “What Child Is This?” for both flute and pedal harp duet and pedal harp solo. The duet arrangement provides three verses; the first is for solo harp, the second is for both instruments with an early music flavor, and the third verse offers expanded harmonies and soaring melody. The setting is suitable for holiday programs and church services or for background music as the folk song “Greensleeves.”

This piece is available as a PDF download in the following combinations:

  • Complete Set: $10.00
    (Includes solo harp version and duo version score and parts.)
  • Harp and flute version only: $6.00
    (Includes score, flute, and harp part.)
  • Solo harp version only: $5.00

Pages to print: duet score is 5 pgs; harp part is 3 pgs; flute part is 1 pg; solo harp score is 4 pgs.

Duration: 2:45