Music from the British Isles, Vol. 2


This collection of pieces from the British Isles have been arranged by Alyssa Reit for two to three lever harps. All four pieces can be played either as duos by Harps 1 and 2 (advanced beginners) or as trios, adding an easier Harp 3 part. The parts are designed for harps that have a range of two octaves below middle C, and up to the A an octave above the treble clef. Included are:

“O, Can Ye Sew Cushions” (Scotland)
“Scarborough Faire” (England)
“Month of January” (Ireland)
“Goddesses” (England)

This piece is a PDF download available in the following combinations:

  • Complete set: $30.00 (Includes score and parts)
  • Harp 1 only: $8.00
  • Harp 2 only: $8.00
  • Harp 3 only: $8.00

Length: Score is 20 pgs.; parts are 9 pgs.

Duration: 2:00 each