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    Evangeline Williams

    I got a tuning key-the longer ergonomic style with a nice indent to place my thumb on and two music books.

    B Y

    I ordered myself a Mina Helwig dolly and am about to order a wooden stand!


    I bought myself a leather tuning key holder, a new tuner and some harp books. Santa gave me a beautiful hand-made, hand carved wooden jewelry box and an antique brooch. I also received some money from my in-laws which goes into the harp fund for my 3rd harp. I would like to get a nice harp I can carry from school to school . I teach music in 3 elementary schools and a middle school and I change schools everyday. I would like to have a harp I can keep with me. It needs to have as many strings as possible and needs to be under 20 lbs…..the lighter the better, and needs full levers — preferably Camacs…..but others will be considered. I am saving and expect to have about $2000 by summertime. I plan to go to the AHS Conference here in my city where it is being held and buy something there.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a good harp to meet my requirements? I also need a good padded carry case with it. Thanks!

    Merry Christmas!!



    Hi, Briggs. I would look into the Kortier harps. He sure can pack a lot of strings into a small package and they are very nice harps. The Camac Aziliz is another option.


    Should have said I’m not sure if those would fit into your budget. If Stoney End is at the conference, check out their harps too.

    Kelly R

    I got a harp!


    Christmas brought me my own harp to tune, after not having tuned it for more than two months due to travel : )


    Got the new edition of Harps and Harpist. Although I have read it before, it has been very nice to read it again and see what has been updated.

    Denise Lockamy

    Lots of new harp music!


    A Triplett Christina 🙂 and Cynthia Cathcart’s Alchemy of a Rose CD



    New, Warm, Mittens!!


    He brought me a fantastic copy of Gene Bianco’s LP “Music for a Summer Evening.” No one records music like that anymore!


    My teacher gave me a crystal figurine of an angel playing a harp. She’s helping me add to my angel/harp collection!



    Try a Thormahlen Serenade.


    I got the most wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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