the passing of Brook Boddie

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    balfour-knight on #251747

    Hi, Jerusha and all,

    Brook’s memorial service is still available on-line if anyone else would like to view it. It is a beautiful, fitting tribute to this “gentle giant of a man.”

    Search Broadmoor Baptist Church, Shreveport, LA on Facebook, scroll down a bit and you should find Brook’s service. Thanks Andy-b for the information in your previous post here.

    Harp Hugs,

    Jerusha Amado on #255785

    I just played one of Brook Boddie’s Dusty harps (“Gabriel”) in the meditation garden of a local church for Holy Saturday before Easter. Another harpist was with me. While she was playing Brook’s “Upon the Willows”, the wind began playing through Gabriel’s strings, in accompaniment to the music. It was a lovely time of remembrance.

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