The birth of a harp

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    unknown-user on #160771

    Audrey, we are all waiting! How does he sound? Are you happy with the tone, just might put one of these together if you are. All best.

    Audrey Nickel on #160772

    Liam…I’m tuning, not playing, so what you’re seeing is my thumb on the tuning key.

    I tried my Triplett lap bar with Aodhán, and it worked beautifully with some additional modification.

    unknown-user on #160773

    Audrey greetings hope the tuning goes well!Do you know what the status of Dreamweaver harps is? His email does not work and he seems to be out of business for the moment or longer

    Liam M on #160774

    LOLOL!! Just cheeking you Audrey!

    Audrey Nickel on #160775

    His email should work…I communicated with him via email just the other day.

    Karen Johns on #160776

    What a little beauty, Audrey- congratulations! I especially like the curved pillar.

    I share your growing out process with my own locks- I call it “growing old gray-cefully. LOL

    Audrey Nickel on #160777

    Dennis…did you ever get a hold of Muis?

    Liam M on #160778

    LOL!! Ohh and do I empathize with you Audrey!! That is why I sent for the Alaska Piks!

    Karen Johns on #160779

    I’m tempted to order those Alaska piks myself, Liam! I usually play with the finger pads (eek!) and use the dreaded hitchhiker hand position (double-eek!). But I may break from “non-tradition” and attempt using these piks. Should I use the brass or plastic? I’m leaning towards plastic since it appears they offer these in small- my hands are tiny…


    Audrey Nickel on #160780

    You know, the two of you should consider joining the Wire Harp list at Yahoo (if you haven’t already).

    Liam M on #160781


    Audrey Nickel on #160782

    I went all the way up to pitch twice yesterday, and actually got it to hold long enough to play a simple tune.

    We did have to take one set of the strings off because one of the pins was out significantly farther than the others, causing one of the strings to be completely offset, and putting a lot of stress on the pin.

    unknown-user on #160783

    Audrey hi. I did get a hold of Muis through email. I had to change the address on his site to having one m instead of two. I plan to buy a Trinity as soon as I can afford one.

    Karen Johns on #160784


    Are you referring to the Clarsach society- wire division? I tried joining them too a while back and you’re right, they are complicated. Maybe we could start a wire-strung harp section on this forum. (Along with a do-it-yourself builder’s section!).

    Karen Johns on #160785

    Actually, I have grown my nails out a wee bit and have plucked the strings with them. The main thing I noticed

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