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    Several of us seem to be expecting new harps around the same time so I thought it might be quite nice to open a new thread where we can chat about them and post pics.

    Here is my new baby Eleni. She is a 34 string Ossian Clarsach and made by Devon luthier Tim Hampson – Anything you hate about the design should be blamed on me and all credit for the amazing workmanship goes to him. I’m not all that thrilled with my only photo so far as several people have commented that she appears to be white, which she isn’t – she’s actually made from flamed sycamore which is a pale creamy gold wood. The soundboard design is a comet against a night sky and there are even tiny stars sprinkled all over the background, while the dark circle at the top curve is actually a 175 million year old ammonite set into the wood.

    She has Savarez Alliance KF Composite strings and is already producing the most beautiful tone and I’m working hard to be worthy of her. I’ve always dreaded being the one with all the flash gear but no clue how to use it and I had planned to wait a little longer to buy my dream harp so that I would be a more accomplished player than I am at the moment but an inheritance meant I suddenly had the money and feared that if I didn’t buy soon, it could easily get spent on other things and my dream would vanish forever.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone else’s new additions to their harp families!


    VERY COOL! I just LOVE the carving! You must be thrilled – congratulations!



    ‘Thrilled’ doesn’t even come close! Thank you Kay!

    Allison Stevick

    Oh wow! Beautiful!! I love the artwork. Thanks for sharing!


    Allison, you probably wouldn’t thank me if you could see the big smirk on my face. I’m just like a proud new mum. Tim is brilliant!

    Angela Biggs

    Lyn, that is a beautiful harp. Congratulations — I don’t wonder you’re proud. Enjoy it!!!! 😀


    Wowsers! Tim is amazing isn’t he? Eleni is stunning. Hope to hear her one day. DPAF festival next year perhaps………


    I hope so!


    Lyn, this is SO random but I came across this post the other day and saw your AWESOME harp. Then last night I had a dream and your harp was in it lol. I don’t really remember well but I saw it in a shop and wanted to buy it so bad!
    Have you got any more photos of it yet?


    Also, I’m wondering how you managed to get a 175 million year old ammonite set in there? Was it yours? How did you acquire it?


    absolutely gorgeous carving and artwork! it is artwork.. It looks to beautiful to be real. am also curious about the ammonite like Tracey.. can’t imagine what it must be like to play it I think I would get shaky : )


    Oh boy! People are dreaming about my harp! Nothing extraordinary about the ammonite – I just went and bought it from a fossil shop. (Bit of local geography here – I live in Devon (UK) and the next county over is Dorset where a lot of the crumbling coast over the centuries has revealed all kinds of fossils going back many millions of years. One Dorset town in particular (Lyme Regis) is famous for being part of this ‘Jurassic Coast’ and is dripping in shops selling all manner of fossils (you can read all about the town in John Fowles’ ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’ or Tracy Chevalier’s ‘Remarkable Creatures’) both locally found ones and others (like mine) from all over the globe). My original intention was to have the harp decorated with a slice of agate but when I started looking for that it suddenly dawned on me that the ammonite would look every bit as good and be a real piece of amazing history (possibly making my harp, or one bit of it at least, the oldest in the world!)

    Tracey, now I’m even more intrigued – how much was that shop selling my harp for?


    PS – I shouldn’t use the forum to advertise but as there’s so much interest in Eleni I just wanted to mention that Tim does ship abroad frequently, so his harps are available to anyone wherever they are. I promise I’ll try not to plug his work again but he doesn’t pay me commission and he definitely deserves a lot of credit for all the great comments here.


    Haha, I don’t even remember how much it was selling for but it was too much for me :/ But then again, its going to take me awhile to afford any harp myself lol (I’m renting one for now)


    Also, post more pics!!! I really wanna see closer detail pictures!

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