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    Stan, that’s amazing! How could anybody as mysterious as Korla Pandit have been from NEW JERSEY!! As in Snooki and The Situation…too funny.

    John McK

    I’m self-arranging and learning simple two- and three- part vocal pieces from the Middle Ages – if anyone listens to Anonymous 4, things of that nature. This has been a great way to practice left/right hand coordination.

    One piece is the song “Verbum Patris Humanatur” That’s memorized and I can play the whole thing, but not without mistakes.

    The second is a piece from the original Carmina Burana manuscript – #131.

    I’ve gotten scores from scouring the internet. Unfortunately a lot of great early music is not available in cheap performers’ editions. . . at some point I will need to trek down to the Dartmouth College library and pull out some serious scholarly tomes.

    One day I’d like to get a complete harp arrangement of “Viderunt Omnes” going. . . but that’s pure fantasy at this point 🙂


    For more than you ever wanted to know, go to According to this, he was born in Missouri, but he ended up all over the place.


    Hi all,

    The material I’ve been working on is different from what’s been discussed up to here – I haven’t been reading much music (although I’m able to do so).




    Brahms Requiem and Evening Prayer and Dream Pantomime form Hansel and Gretel are on my music stand this month.


    A harp transcription I’m making for “Promenade” from Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”

Viewing 7 posts - 61 through 67 (of 67 total)
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