My ‘dream’ harp – or is it a harp mare?

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    deb-l on #107012

    I saw an add on Craig’s list that Mark Harwood and Barb Brundage identified as an old Pratt Dauphine (Samuel Pratt).

    ruth-harper on #107013

    Dear Deb

    Please post some pictures when you are able.

    God bless – PTL

    When you learn a new tune, you have a friend for life – Melody

    Karen Johns on #107014

    Yes, definitely post pics! $400 is a darn good price for any harp, and if it lasts for a few years, why not enjoy it? Was there a reason that the soundboard would come out or the back fall apart? Is it a structural flaw? That’s too bad if that is really what you can expect to happen. I wouldn’t let that discourage you though- I had a lap harp I built from a kit that was still perfectly sound after 20+ years, but then again the soundboard was laminated birch, not spruce. I wonder if there might be a way you can restring it at a slightly lower tension? This might help keep it longer…


    deb-l on #107015

    Ruth and Karen, here’s some pictures, bringing out both the beauty and the challenges this harp has.

    deb-l on #107016

    sorry I meant there are horizontal cracks in the soundboard not verticle

    deb-l on #107017

    I just noticed the rams head seems to be leaning a little string side, when I looked at it yesterday I didn’t see that.

    jessica-wolff on #107018

    Deb, just when we thought you’d reached the end of your harp odyssey!

    deb-l on #107019

    make no mistake Jessica, I love my Prelude to death and that’s the harp I play all the time, but I thought this would make a fun harp to take when visiting family and friends or outside when weather is OK.

    Karen Johns on #107020

    On the picture of the back of the neck is that a crack? I’m a little worried about the neck- it seems to have a bit of a warp happening, but not sure from the pics if that’s just an optical illusion of sorts. Otherwise for what you spent it looks to be in remarkably good shape. Not fond of those nails/levers though, but I suppose you could switch them out if doing so wouldn’t compromise the strength of the neck. You might want a tech to check it out before you add any bass strings, just to be on the safe side.


    deb-l on #107021

    hey Karen, thanks for your thoughts.

    barbara-brundage on #107022

    I think Karen means the area where the wider part of the kneeblock and the neck join up. That concerns me, too, at least based on your photo. It looks like a big split. Do you have another one of that area, Deb?

    barbara-brundage on #107023

    Edit: That made it sound like it should be two pieces, but that ought to be one big piece of laminated pin block–no split, no seam, no nothing. Can you take a photo of that area that’s more straight on and not so much in shadow?

    barbara-brundage on #107024

    Argh. Meant it ought to look like it’s all one big piece there. Splits in that area aren’t good.

    deb-l on #107025

    here’s some close ups..

    deb-l on #107026

    I just detensioned it.

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