Music for Harp and Accordion

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    unknown-user on #146611

    I am looking for compositions or arrangements for this combination.

    unknown-user on #146612

    When doing your (google, yahoo, etc.) search, you may want to try putting harp and accordion in quotes, such as:

    “harp accordion” sheet music

    Once in the music websites, you may need to put them in quotes again in their own particular search engine.

    Fairy Reel on #146613

    I’m thinking adapting music might be a little

    Mel Sandberg on #146614

    Alexandra, you don’t have to look any further, I have the answer for you, and you won’t believe it….. You just happened to stumble into the right place at the right time.

    There is a duo group in South Africa who do exactly this. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

    Fairy Reel on #146615

    Hey…I’m ‘rather surprised’!

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #146616

    I wonder whether they have ever seen the famous Gary Larson “The Far Side” cartoon in which there are two signs: “Welcome to heaven; here’s your harp” and “Welcome to hell; here’s your accordion”. (Actually, I have heard some amazing accordion players, but I guess Gary Larson had heard a few not-so-good ones.)

    janet-king on #146617

    Then there’s the “Rhymes With Orange” cartoon, with an average joe at the gates of heaven, which looks alot like an exclusive club with a velvet rope, and St Peter looking like a bouncer (muscle shirt, tatoo, key chain, sunglasses) holding a list, and the guy says, “Check the list again, I’m friends with the harpist.”

    Susan Abken on #146618

    A wild guess: contact some Austrian or Bavarian publishers…

    unknown-user on #146619


    Your post reminded me of the Bosch Triptych (painted in 1504) where the harp was placed in hell (with alot of other musical instruments).

    Mel Sandberg on #146620

    Elizabeth – they have that cartoon on the wall in their lounge.

    andy-b on #146621


    The harpist Meta Epstein recorded a CD of harp and accordian music with Abel Mambreani on accordian. It’s a very entertaining CD, called Passion.

    unknown-user on #146622

    I recently premiered a piece by Carei Thomas for harp and accordian. It is a tender, lyrical piece called, “Landing”. I can send you his email link if you like.

    unknown-user on #146623

    Thank you very much for all the replies and help.

    unknown-user on #146624

    Andy, I tried to look up Meta Epstein’s website, but whatever I get on Google, does not take me into it.

    andy-b on #146625

    Hi, Alexandra:

    I’m sorry, what I meant was I don’t think her website is functional anymore, as when I type it in, I get “Cannot display webpage”.

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