Mikel Celtic / Mikel Harps Review

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    Biagio on #252516

    Mikel, like any newer entrant, has to face a period of evolving acceptance. Quality control and consistency is always a big hurdle to overcome and that is especially so for harps from Pakistan, which as group started out a few years ago with very poor quality issues.

    Hopefully this review is evidence of a continuing turn-around. Nevertheless I think they have a long road ahead and will probably have to charge below market for a time even if they have overcome the quality control issues.

    Good luck to them, I hope they make it.

    adla on #252525

    The tension does indeed feel even to me across the whole range. I don’t have any frame of reference to compare its tension to another harp, as I’ve never played any other (not counting the little rosewood one, of course– but I’m not sure that that counts). The only other stringed instrument I’ve ever plucked before is my hammer dulcimer, when I’ve decided to treat it more like a lap harp… but I don’t think that’s a fair point of comparison either. The harp strings are far less tense than that, but I’m sure that’s to be expected given the nature of each instrument and the materials from which the strings are made.

    The levers do indeed seem to be in tune, and they certainly move smoothly and don’t buzz or anything. I have only had the harp for a little over a month now, but so far, no strings have broken even with the daily abuse of an absolute beginner.

    Hopefully my photo attaches properly.

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    wil-weten on #252527

    Hi Adla, thanks for sharing a bit more information. This sounds really good: in over a month of having a new harp no string breakage, and levers functioning smoothly and in tune.

    I’m sorry the photo didn’t attach properly. By ththe way, though you can theoretically edit a reply, many of us have the experience that this may result in an automatic deletion of the post. So, often it may be better to use CTRL A, CTRL C before updating in order to be able to restore a post in case it gets deleted. Or, you could simply write an additional post.

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