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    Susan Beal on #160747

    oops–make that “synchronistically” ( or however the heck you spell “in a synchronistic manner”).

    Chris Asmann on #160751

    I’m just guessing, but there’s a possibility that mechanical limitations are the reason. Adjacent strings’ mechanisms might have problems if their linkages and rods travel alongside each other throughout the mechanism. It’s an interesting question, I’ll bet this was well explored when the pedal harp was developed and a little reasearch will turn up the answer.

    mel-l on #160752

    I don’t really know, but they seem to follow a certain logic regarding the 5ths cycle if you go from the extremes AD GC etc…I dont’ know, just an observation !

    tony-morosco on #160753

    As I mention in the thread that has been linked here, the fact that they alternate by fifths seems a deliberate things to me. It makes modulating through the keys by alternating left to right make much more sense. Keys proceed by fifths, and the pedals on the harp alternate back and forth by fifths. I can’t imagine that was coincidence or wasn’t developed with practical application in mind.

    andy-b on #160754

    I think I vaguely remember someone (Carl, possibly?) saying something

    don-hilsberg on #160755

    The origins of the pedal order stem from the most commonly used accidentals.

    unknown-user on #160748

    Dear Susan,
    Welcome to this wondrous world of the harp! I’m excited for you that you now have 2 harps!

    cynthy-johnson on #160749

    Here’s a link to a wonderful article published online by The Harp Spectrum about Internet Harp Lessons (both Pedal Harp and Lever Harp) via SKYPE and other VOIP technologies …


    Best wishes,


    unknown-user on #160750

    hi i know what u feel but i’m in a positions is more more bad than you i’m a egyptian learned the harp at edg of 10 into the conservatory in egypt academy of arts,and got graduated with

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