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    Leslie Davis on #158516

    Today I received an email with photo attachment from Mr. Webster notifying me that my ‘Laurel Leaf’ harp is completely finished!

    jessica-wolff on #158517

    Just can’t decide whether that or the 18th century is more beautiful. They’re both stunning. Congratulations! Repot back as soon as you have it and have played it for several hours.

    jessica-wolff on #158518

    Sorry, I meant “report.” Why isn’t there an “edit” function?

    deb-l on #158519

    cogratulations Leslie!!

    shelby-m on #158520


    Leslie Davis on #158521

    How true, Jessica!

    Leslie Davis on #158522

    Thanks so much, Deb.

    Leslie Davis on #158523

    Thank you, Shelby.

    unknown-user on #158524

    Congrats! Aren’t they the most lovely harps! I have never seen them before so thanks for posting about your Laurel leaf! It IS a dream harp isn’t it! The Moderne (the mini Salzedo) made me laugh out loud, its so cute! (I think I wants it!)

    When it arrives please do put a photo on and please do tell us what it sounds like! I could not find any sound bites on his website. Are they gut strings? concert harp strings or the folk ones?

    Leslie Davis on #158525

    Thank you, Natty.

    unknown-user on #158526

    Thanks Leslie! I just looked at the Moderne again, and yes, his harps are really quite large! At 71″ its taller than my pedal harp!

    deb-l on #158527

    it was a little different for me, when I decided I tortured myself without a harp long enough I took the day off from work and drove straight to Harp Connection.

    Karen Johns on #158528

    Congratulations Leslie! I’m sure you will love it! :-) I am the happy recipient of my dream harp this year as well, so I know exactly how you feel. It was WELL worth the wait!



    deb-l on #158529

    How do you know what your dream harp is unless you’ve played it for a while?

    Leslie Davis on #158530

    Yes – many of Mr. Webster’s harps are quite tall but for some reason pedal harps appear so much larger and definitely more commanding.

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