Help finding Aljonushka by Mchedelov

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    svetlana-yatsky on #142404

    My pleasure, gretchen-cover and shoshanna-godber! I was glad to be helpful.
    And thank you for your kind words about the website and other arrangements. Blessings!

    operaharp on #194533

    Hi! Has anyone got the sheet music that they could possibly send to me? I absolutely love the piece and have messaged Svetlana about it. She has very kindly said that she can send it to me but not for a few weeks. Ideally I’d really love to get my hands on it sooner because I have an event I’d like to play it at. Can anyone help?

    baylyhm on #216874

    I just stumbled across Alyonushka as well and have been on the hunt for music when I saw Svetlana-yatsky’s reply. I tried the website she provided but did not see the sheet music…hopefully someone can answer…thanks!

    Isabelle Bu on #217164

    Hi all, I’d like it too, if anyone has a pdf at hand. Thanks!

    Philippa mcauliffe on #217168

    I would really like to play this too if anyone has it – I could not find it on Svetlana’s website either! Thanks Philippa

    Irene Lee on #224763

    I heard Alyonushka on Instagram recently and am looking for the sheet music and saw correspondence dating back to 2014. Now I am looking for the music as well. We couldn’t find the music for download on Svetlana’s website anymore. Any one have any luck getting hold of the music in 2018?

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    Rachel on #224771

    If you go to Sheet Music Plus and search for “Aljonushka harp”, there is now a lever harp and pedal harp version available for purchase. There is also a video, so you can hear it played before purchase.

    Irene Lee on #224791


    maria-yerosimou on #242756

    Hello lovely harpists! Could someone send this piece to me please? Many thanks,

    maria-yerosimou on #242757

    Sorry, I realised I hadn’t read the comment re Sheet Music Plus, I will download it from there. Thank you!

    Bill on #242762

    Does anyone know what the word Aljonushka means?

    shoshanna-godber on #242766

    Alyonushka is a girl’s name. It’s my understanding that the song is written about the fairytale “Alyonushka and Her Brother Ivanushka”.
    I don’t remember where I heard that though, so I could be totally out to lunch!

    svetlana-yatsky on #242811

    That’s correct, Alyonushka (Aljonushka, Alionushka) is a Russian girl’s name.
    A derivative from Alyona. I am not familiar with an “official” explanation why Mchedelov called this composition Alyonushka, but very possible that, yes, it’s after a famous Russian fairy tale character mentioned by shoshanna-godber.
    I’ve also heard a version that a painting by Russian artist Vasnetsov inspired Mchedelov to write this piece. Here is the painting:

    Bill on #242821

    Thany you both for the information. It’s always fascinating to learn about the origin of some of these wonderful pieces of music. I downloaded the music this morning and it’s on my music stand.

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