Help finding Aljonushka by Mchedelov

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    shoshanna-godber on #61880

    While looking for russian music to play on the harp I stumbled upon Aljonushka (or Alenushka) by Mchedelov on youtube. I love it, but haven’t been able to find the sheet music anywhere. Anybody out there have it or know where to find it???

    patricia-jaeger on #61881

    Here is a suggestion that might help:
    Go to At the top of the home page, all in Russian, select English. On the left you will now see a choice to click on: authors alphabetically. Now appears on your screen by scrolling down to the M section, that composer’s name. Click on it and you will see an illustration and text of a collection of pieces by him, which looks very interesting to buy, but might not contain just the particular piece you are looking for. Don’t give up, because at the top right corner are the words: send us a message, in English! So if this publisher does not carry what you wish, he will very likely answer giving you the source, and perhaps even the U.S. dealer that imports music by that composer. Kindly let this column know if your search is successful; many of us are looking for more music by this fine harpist and composer who lived from 1903 to 1974.

    shoshanna-godber on #61882

    Thanks for the link Patricia. I had found that site, but I didn’t think about sending them a message. I will let you know what/if I hear back.

    patricia-jaeger on #61883

    Here is a link to a czech-born cimbalom player living in Stuttgart, Germany. She has performed another piece by Mchedolov as chamber music and might know the publisher as you try to find the piece by M. that you are seeking. Good luck!

    svetlana-yatsky on #61884

    Are you still looking for Alyonushka? I have it 🙂

    shoshanna-godber on #142265

    I did find the piece through the ruslania site, but by the time I got the info. it was too late to buy it and prepare for the recital. I was also a bit nervous about buying it as it was fairly expensive, and they couldn’t tell me if it was playable on a lever harp. Could you tell me Svetlana?


    Gretchen Cover on #142266

    Svetlana, I would like to have the pedal harp version, if it is available. Your lever harp version on youtube is beautifully played and arranged. Great video.

    shoshanna-godber on #142267

    I just watched the video! I guess that answers my question about playing it on the lever harp! Is it possible to purchase your arrangement?

    svetlana-yatsky on #142297

    The version I have is playable both on pedal and lever harp. You may have your lever harp be tuned in Eb, or you bring the levers up to the E key. The music I own is a copy by Russian publishing house that did not set the copyright. During the Soviet times there was socialism as you know, we all shared what we had 🙂 Let me know your e-mail or where to send the mp3.

    Gretchen Cover on #142298


    Thank you for offering to email the music. I sent you a private message via Harp Column. If you did not get it, my email is on my profile. I prefer not to post my email contact here because I don’t want it to become public on the internet.

    svetlana-yatsky on #142329

    shoshanna-godber, I’ve got your email address, and I will send to you and other participants who requested it the copy. I just need to scan it. Give me a few days 🙂 If you know how to delete your comment, go ahead, so your email is not visible for others!

    shoshanna-godber on #142375

    Looking forward to it! Thanks Svetlana

    svetlana-yatsky on #142400

    Hey guys,
    I uploaded “Alyonushka” to my sheet music site, since there are a few of you who requested it and may be there will be more harpists who would like it. Why don’t you just follow the link and downloaded it from there:
    Let me know if you have any trouble with that. There are a few notes in the copy that were out of margins, unfortunately this is the way it is, but you’ll guess them easily 🙂
    God bless!

    Gretchen Cover on #142402

    Svetlana, thank you for Alyonushka. You have a nice website and other excellent arrangements, too. I appreciate that you show yourself playing as well as making your sheet music available.

    shoshanna-godber on #142403

    Ditto what Gretchen-cover said! Can’t wait to play it

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