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    It occurred to me the other day that I’d never actually counted the strings on my harp. Of course, I immediately made sure there were 47, just to make sure I wasn’t being lied to all these years! Has anyone else had any silly little moments like that?


    I’ve always taken it on faith myself. Of course I usually take whatever @[[kimberly-rowe:User:Kimberly Rowe]] tells me on faith, so there you go.


    I often check in my rearview mirror to make sure there is a harp in my car when I drive off to work. As if I could forget so quickly the effort of getting it in there.


    Yes. I have two harps, and I’ve counted the strings on both. In the case of one, I counted it hoping the maker had thrown in an extra. 🙂


    I took this to be a more general musical and thought “there are many musicians, including harpists, who obviously have never counted and never will, which explains a lot about their entrances”.

    Strings? I don’t remember counting, but I’ve never needed to since I can see a harp’s top and bottom strings and know how many it has. I’d notice if any of the octaves didn’t have 7 notes since the C and F pattern would be off. Never had to count them.


    I try to stop people counting, expecially if they are having to train their eyes on each string… far better to understand that there are 7 individual notes in each ‘octave’ ( and 7 corresponding pedals) , not to assume 8 and to count the complete octaves, so two strings short of 7 octaves is 49 less 2 that’s 47 !!


    When you only have 33 strings, it’s not as big a deal.

    Sherri Matthew

    I tend to forget whether it’s 35 or 36 for some reason (it’s 35!). Don’t know why I do that.


    All I’ll say is: Yes. Yes I have.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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