Harpist who played in ” The Bishop’s Wife” ?

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    Luis Ibarrola on #103672


    Where can we find out more about your harp arrangement of Coraline? Did you publish sheets? On youtube, I saw the University of Texas Harp Ensemble performing your arrangement! I am especially interested in Exploration, because I have performed it (including falsetto lyrics) on the piano many times. It is one of my very favourite songs.

    bob tornanine on #103673

    Hello to all.

    sherry-lenox on #103674

    There is now an Eddy DeLange page on FaceBook, and Mr. DeLange’s daughter would love to hear from admirers of her dad’s music. The piece is still in copyright but she had expressed willingness to attempt to get legal reprints, and for such a worthwhile project I’m sure we’d agree to pay whatever the copies would cost.

    I’d do it myself but I’m not on FaceBook.

    Question for David Ice- where are the full scores for Friedhofer’s movies, especially The Bishop’s Wife and The Best Years of Our Lives?

    catherine-rogers on #103675

    Look here:


    Great website for soundtracks of all kinds. Spell his name Eddie with an “ie” or you won’t find what you want.

    sherry-lenox on #103676

    Spot on about the spelling of the name Catherine. It also appears as Edgar.

    What I’m actually looking for is the printed scores of the movie music. Friedhofer’s orchestrations sound so great, and I want to see them.

    catherine-rogers on #103677

    Those may no longer exist. David Ice (comments above) would be the best source about that.

    onita-sanders on #103678

    I recently as other have done, went on youtube and listen to and recorded Nat King Cole’s “Lost April” and googled the Bishop’s Wife’s “Lost April “and recorded it. Both are lovely. I am just brain storming here, because I am not knowledgeable about these things, is there not some computer program that can notate this arrangement down as played in the movie. Basically it is rolled chords playing the melody (exotic chords), interspersed with arpeggios and stratigically placed glisses. Most seasoned harpists can come close to this arrangement without it being exact because it is very, very harpy.

    Onita Sanders

    David Ice on #103679

    The scores might be quite hard to track down, especially since the Goldwyn studio is no more, per se.

    Eve on #222985

    I know I am replying super late here….
    Are there any of the local/SoCal libraries that have film scores? Like maybe USC’s film school? I have read that LA public libraries have Attl’s collection of orchestral harp parts. The score (by Hugo Friedhofer) was nominated for an Oscar, could there be a copy at the Academy? Or one of the guilds/unions? Friedhofer passed away in 81 but a book about him came out in 2002, maybe the editor of the book would have some leads? Or the Film Music Foundation?

    Eve on #222986

    Also, I came across that while De Lange did the lyrics, Emil Newmam and Herbert Spencer did the music. Newman’s nephew is Randy Newman, perhaps Randy Newman would know where a copy is?

    Tanya Hill on #222987

    I have a copy of that music, it matches the sheet music he holds in his hands in the movie. It does not include all of the glissandos and is just the basic piece. After a search on eBay I found the same music for sale there as well, worth a peek if you are looking for it.

    Below is a link, you may need to copy and paste it…..


    Hope that helps 🙂

    catherine-rogers on #223056

    I bought that same music in an antique store. It’s for piano and not the same key as what is on the soundtrack. I’ve been told it was overdubbed to get the effect wanted, so you’d have to come up with your own arrangement to approximate anything close to what is heard.

    crescalona on #223179

    I can write for you any sheet music
    Request to crescalona@yahoo.com

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