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    Kim Vangsgard on #230453

    Hi, I always notice that other people who I have seen play the harp have either tapered fingers or thinner fingers. I have a little larger palm and my fingers aren’t long and more square tipped. I’ve been playing several years, but get frustrated with buzzing. I slow down to check position, etc., but it still tends to happen. Any advice?

    carl-swanson on #230578

    Harpists hands come, as you would expect, in all shapes and sizes. I have large hands and thick fingers. I’ve seen very fine female harpists with hands like stone masons. I’ve seen incredible harpists with short stubby fingers(I won’t mention names), and a few with thin, almost boney fingers.

    We all have to deal with buzzing. It can come from so many things: fingering, placing too early, placing in blocks rather than one finger at a time ahead of the one you are playing, not muffling individual notes with the tip of a finger, etc. Maybe your teacher can help you figure out where the problem is. I usually don’t worry about buzzing until I’m fairly well along in learning a piece and can play it pretty close to tempo. Then I take a look at where buzzes still occur and work on fixing them.

    Kim Vangsgard on #230588

    Hi Carl. Thanks for the reply. I am preparing for two weddings and have played weddings before, but get very stressed prior as I want to play well. I haven’t taken lessons for many years, but watch various instructional videos. I appreciate that you took the time to reply. I like the stone mason comment as I have strong hands too!!

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