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    teva-benshlomo–2 on #61744

    Hi fellow Harpies. This is Teva. I have been playing my beautiful Camac Concert Melusine harp for a couple of years, and am interested in knowing the names and composers of some of your favorite pieces for lever harp. I guess i am at the intermediate leval, and would be thrilled to hear any of your suggestions for new repetoire!

    patricia-jaeger on #61745

    Look at some of the collections of arrangements from the classics, published by Barbara Brundage. These are for lever harp.

    Tacye on #61746

    Bernard Andres has written some superb stuff.

    teva-benshlomo–2 on #61747

    thanks for the suggestions. any particular pieces in mind?????

    Angela Biggs on #61748

    Frank Voltz’s “Silent Night” starts as a jazzy take on the classic, flows into a pretty little meditation, then ends with a surprise.

    If you enjoy startling your listeners (I do!), Deborah Henson Conant’s “New Blues” is fun to play.

    Speaking of blues, one of Blythe Tait’s projects for DHC’s recent “Harp: Blues-Style” class was an original song, “You can’t get to heaven if you don’t play the harp.” It is hugely fun and will be a real crowd-pleaser. You can find it here: https://sellfy.com/p/OWjA/ . When this insane month is over, I’m going to learn it as a reward for surviving. 🙂

    Lynne Abbey-Lee on #61749

    Hi Teva,
    “Intermediate” covers so much ground that if you gave us some examples of the pieces you are currently playing, that would be helpful to narrow it down as far as level. Also, what genre do you prefer – classical, Celtic, pop, religious, or all of the above? Let us know!

    That said, I’m also a fan of Bernard Andres and would particularly recommend his Epices Book 1.

    kay-lister on #61750

    Salzedos Chanson de la Nuit AND La Deserade are always big “WOW” getters.


    teva-benshlomo–2 on #61751

    For the suggestion. I love playing her composition THE NIGHTINGALE

    teva-benshlomo–2 on #61752

    I will definitely try Bernard andres. A lot of harpists seem to love his pieces. I enjoy playing all types of harp music. I am working now on some beautiful French Impressions compositions by mahan and also a Celtic piece called innis sheer.

    teva-benshlomo–2 on #61753

    Kay, thanks for the info about the WOW getter music. Hope I am up to the challenge!

    barbara-brundage on #61754

    Teva, I think maybe Kay was misled by the word “concert” in the description of the Melusine. Both those pieces are very much for pedal harp. La Desirade is nothing but pedal slides, for example.

    Kay, the Concert Melusine is a lever harp. It’s called “concert” to distinguish it from the regular Melusine, which is more of a student type harp.

    Here it is:

    kay-lister on #61755

    Hey there Barbara. WHOOPS – had no clue about the harp. Thanks for the info ;-). Pretty little critter!


    barbara-brundage on #61756

    No problem, Kay. Actually, I was kind of hoping you might come back and tell me about someone who can play “Chanson dans la nuit” on a lever harp. 😉

    teva-benshlomo–2 on #61757

    Yes, I love this harp, but it is definitely a lever harp. Sor,ry I won’t be playing the WOWGetters. But maybe you have other suggestions????

    teva-benshlomo–2 on #61758

    Thanks for clarifying, Barbara.

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