Do you name your harp?

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    Dot Pecson on #104721

    My first harp was Pagophylus – the generic name of the Harp Seal. As a seal-o-phile from childhood, it seemed more than appropriate. Like the music of a harp, seals hold the wisdom and sadness of the ages in their eyes, yet know the joy of being alive.

    Anyone else?

    phoebe-powell on #104722

    I named my first CG pedal harp Minerva, but then my teacher informed my that Salvi had a harp named that so now I will have to change it! But what seems to be sticking instead of Minerva is Minnie. Quite unsuitable for a CG but it just seems to work!

    Sylvia on #104723

    My Aoyama Étude is Niña, born in Japan with a French name, and I gave her a Spanish name.

    jill-fichialos on #192602

    My daughter named her lever harp “Carp”.

    hearpe on #192604

    Hadn’t thought about it- Have three harps right now – one for sale-

    My big Mikel Celtic 34? How about “Dove”? It’s from my movie script.

    My Stoney End Eve 22?

    “Captain Rawlings” It’s from “How the West was Won”

    Elettaria on #192608

    Naming a musical instrument is like having a tattoo, for me personally: it’s not something I’d do, it feels wrong for me, but I admire them on other people. I love the idea of calling a concert grand harp Minnie!

    My first love is my piano, which is a Bluthner grand in rosewood that was made in 1924 and has been in the family for generations. Naming that would feel presumptuous.

    Participant on #192613

    O yes!
    Angel, an ogden, is my first harp.

    balfour-knight on #192626

    Okay, friends, most of you know that I name my harps and other musical instruments! My pedal harp is a L&H 85GP–what a poor name for a beautiful harp!!! So, I named her “Eglantine Rose,” the Sweetbriar species rose, since this harp is so sweet in tone. As soon as I discovered my Dusty Strings FH 36 S in figured cherry wood, I named her “Cherie.” (This also means “dear one,” and she indeed is a dear one!) Now I no longer drink cherry Cokes, I drink Cherie cokes, ha, ha!

    Best wishes to all of you,

    Biagio on #192627

    Heh Heh, there are times I name my harps by the symbols found on the shift of the first typewriter row keys. But since you ask…I have a nylon/gut model line named “Selchie” (they vary by size) and a wire line called “Gwalchmai”.

    Laurie persuaded me to take in her lovely old cherry Caswell wire 27 but I would have to search my heart to give her a name. It was made by Chris and his wife in 1985 around the time I first met him. You don’t name something like that easily.


    cybalou on #192644

    I named my school’s long neglected harp, a Lyon and Healy Style 17 Mrs. Harpy.

    Anita Jaynes on #192645

    For the first 50 years that I played the harp, I never gave a harp a name. Then last year I bought my first new harp, a Lyon & Healy Style 150. The mahogany finish inspired me to start calling it Ruby and the name stuck. I have an ancient Style 22 also; it’s referred to as Old Gold. I never thought of myself as a harp namer — until now.

    Vincent M. Titara on #192654

    I have a beautiful Ebony Salvi Sinfonietta Semi Grand and her name is Bella. 🙂

    anita-leschied on #192655

    I didn’t until someone asked me and I chose Edith as in Edith Bunker – my harp works hard for me, she is quite full bodied and she has a personality like Edith – tolerant, forgiving, fun.

    Joyce Jamele on #192656

    My Dusty Strings FH36S in bubinga is Ethel (Merman) as she has such a big voice.

    Allison Stevick on #192660

    I named my first little harp right away. Her name was Lydia. Then, when I got my Delight, I thought, “I’ll wait to see what name seems right for this one.” 5 years later, still no name. I have a small wire harp now as well, and haven’t named it yet, either. I LIKE naming instruments, I just can’t seem to find a natural fit for these guys! 😉 I do talk to them sometimes, though, so there’s that.

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