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    unknown-user on #167448

    Hi, I’m Serina, I’ve got a quick question.
    Does anyone else have problems with their harps and their cats? It
    seems that every time I leave my harp alone, my cat is over there
    CHEWING on the strings! Does anyone else have a kitty that just won’t
    quit playing your harp with her (or his) teeth? Does anyone know of
    how I can get her to STOP doing this, without damaging the harp?


    carl-swanson on #167449

    yea. Damage the kitty!

    unknown-user on #167450

    You could try a strip of double-sided sticky tape on the strings.

    unknown-user on #167451


    carl-swanson on #167452

    Jimmie- WHERE is your sense of humor????

    carl-swanson on #167453

    Maybe you should try giving the cat a beta blocker.

    unknown-user on #167454

    I’ve got the same problem with my cat.

    kimberly-rowe on #167455


    I would not advise covering your harp. My cat likes to climb to the top of my harp when it
    is covered and one time she knocked it over, totaling it. I wish was kidding, but I’m not.
    She seems to avoid it when it is not covered. Another friend I know had a cat knock her
    harp over by jumping on the kneeblock from another piece of furniture. I love my cats as
    much as my harps though, and I could never take it out on them for doing anything…’s
    not their fault they are following their instincts….it’s my fault for allowing a situation
    where this could happen….

    I don’t know anything about chewing strings since I haven’t had that problem with any of
    my 3 cats. They like to chew the broken gut strings I remove from the harp, so maybe you
    could try giving her one of those as a decoy……but it might just encourage her to come
    back for the real thing….the only thing I can say is to make absolutely sure the harp is up
    against a corner or chair so that it couldn’t possibly fall if she gets too ambitous.

    Good luck!

    unknown-user on #167456

    I do have to supervise my cats when I’m in the harp room and never let them in there by themselves.

    alexander-rider on #167457

    my cat’s too afraid of my harps to go anywhere near them. First time we brought a harp home and my cat heard it…she ran a freakin’ mile. What about teenagers? teenage gutarists are LOADS more dangerous than cats…

    unknown-user on #167458

    my cats and dog seem to gravitate toward the music room when I play.

    unknown-user on #167459

    Sorry Carl,

    carl-swanson on #167460

    THERE’S my old friend Jimmy!!!

    carl-swanson on #167461

    THERE’S my old friend Jimmy!!!

    alexander-rider on #167462

    clutter is GREAT huh Jim?

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