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    I can’t be the only one who noticed this….

    What is it with harpists and being so beautiful? Which came first, the beautiful instrument or the beautiful person who decided to play it?

    Skimming through harp column magazine and seeing pictures next to articles, watching youtube videos, meeting harpists in person… It doesn’t matter, they are a good looking group. The women are gorgeous and the men are dapper.

    So I’ve come up with a theory…

    The harp is so angelic and the sound so filled with the healing power of God, it actually enhances the harpists face as they train. Just think about it. 😛

    I know this was a silly thread, but I had to point this out. Oh and please keep all comments appropriate here. Although harpists all seem to be polite and clean in speech, so that was a wasted disclaimer.

    You are all wonderful people inside and out and have helped me so much with these forums alone. Thank you! Take a look in the mirror and smile at your harp enhanced face. 🙂

    God bless you!

    — Natalie


    I agree so many of the are outstanding in looks and something in their eyes shines brighter, maybe some day as I keep at it it might be said of me…(your photo is lovely you fit with your description.) How long have you played Harp? I am just months and only just got my harp this past Thursday.


    Natalie, you must not have looked at my profile. Any resemblance to your thread is caused by your rose-colored glasses. I don’t look really bad for my age because I had facial plastic surgery after I had BC with reconstruction in ’01.
    Maybe the younger harpists fit your description. Enjoy it!


    You made me smile when I read this Natalie, and maybe you’re right…although I don’t suppose people would think ‘hey I’m beautiful, I should start playing harp’ 🙂

    The other way around would make more sense; it could make people look more happy and shiny when then play harp, since it’s a joyful vibe. But that’s somewhat different than physical beauty, which is quite subjective I guess.

    Funny coffee break topic anyway 😉


    Dear Iris,

    Oh thank you for the compliment! My dad is a professional photographer so he knows how to take a good picture. 🙂

    I have been playing the harp since I was 11, I’m now 19, so 8 years. I only began practicing diligently about a year ago, so as a friend once told me, “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.”

    How have you been enjoying your new harp? Do you know what model or maker it is from? It’s so fun when you start out!

    God bless you!

    — Natalie


    Dear Sylvia,

    Oh thank you for a laugh! I love how punctuated your answers are, you have such a unique way of typing. *big smile*

    And besides, I have seen pictures of you. Look how graceful your hands are!

    God bless you!

    — Natalie


    Dear Marco,

    I agree, I think harpists don’t wake up one day saying, “I need to learn an instrument as beautiful as my face. *sees picture of a harp* Bingo.”

    I love how different everyone is, all different beauties! Such cultural diversity and unique personalities.

    I love the coffee break section, everyone on here stays so positive so the topics usually bring a smile.

    God bless you!

    — Natalie

    P.S. I looked at your album online and I loved it! I love the harp as the bass and the melody. Your technique would be so cool to watch.


    Hi Natalie,

    Yeah it’s nice to see such diversity of people who all share the passion for this wonderful instrument.

    Thanks for your compliments about the album, glad you like it! I’m busy getting some videos of my album release gig online, so you can see how I play, but that will take some time still. I’ll keep you posted ok?

    Best of luck,


    I have a theory about this. When you loose yourself in art or music you connect with the divine. That connection is also possible through prayer and meditation, love and devotion, service to others. The harp is an easy way to feel that connection because of it’s beauty and peaceful sounds and vibrations. What’s inside of a person is reflected in their eyes. When you touch beauty, you reflect it.


    There are good looking people all over, we just don’t noticed them unless they are doing something to catch our attention. Take an average person, clean them up a bit, and give them a Uniform, Sports car, Business suit, Nice dress, A big smile, A Harp… etc etc and they often look great. When they can actually use that outfit, car, harp, then they are stunning.


    Natalie, I’m wondering what pics you saw of me that showed hands. The pic on my profile doesn’t. Maybe you’re thinking of someone else. I have big farmer hands.


    Well, now I really wish I’d taken up the harp years ago. I guess once you hit your 50s your face is already fully formed so there’s little chance now of me turning into a raving beauty overnight – ah well, I guess there are more important things to worry about 😉 Perhaps a little ungraciously I might also point out that most photos you see of people playing their harps are when they are dressed and made up for a performance; we all look better when we’ve got to a bit of trouble.

    I would certainly agree, though, that playing my harp is the most relaxing thing I ever do and I can imagine that it may well be when I look my most serene, if not necessarily my most ravishing.

    Sylvia – I haven’t seen your photos but you sound lovely to me. I reckon it’s inner beauty that really counts.


    Here comes my everybody reply!

    Yes please keep me posted!

    I find music very spiritual too. Personally not as much when I play, since I’m still so focused on doing everything right, but listening.

    Oh doesn’t it just drive you mad how people will do that? I always was attracted to men who looked different. Ultimate example, I couldn’t care less of George Clooney or Channing Tatum, I don’t even folow Celbrities as all teenage girls are expected. But I find Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory, or Ben Stiller, or just random people on the street to be handsome! My boyfriend has no idea how to react to this. He is the most handsome to me! ^_^ Male harpist who is a total cutie, Josh Layne!

    I saw this picture here, it came up when I searched your name followed by “harp” on Google.

    I’m sure that’s not true, as you said, you must look serene! Just admit it, we are all a good lookin’ group. 😛


    P.S. To Sylvia, if of course that is you! How embarrassing if it isn’t! *laughing*


    Natalie, all you have to do is click on my name here at the forum. Go to the profile, and you’ll find my website….lots of photos and music. That photo you dug up is part of a newspaper article about a wedding…the link to that article is also in my website. I used news articles for my bio.

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