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    unknown-user on #159846

    so I purchased an aoyama pedal harp because I loved the sound. But since then have run into so much verbal put down by other harpists of the company. Could any one explain this to me? I am only an amateur and the purchase was a huge investment, but having played harps of the other leading makes I felt that though I loved Lyon a Healy harps, Aoyama were similar and more affordable…

    any comments?

    catherine-rogers on #159847

    Rosalind, if your harp is functioning well for you and you love the sound, that’s all that matters. Every major harp company has periods in its history when its products had problems, and you’ll see complaints about every company for one reason or another on this site. People tend to write when they’re having a problem, so you may notice the complaints more than the compliments. Aoyama harps haven’t been around as long and are not as common in this country as other brands so people aren’t as familiar with them. All that is important is that you are happy with your instrument.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #159848

    It happens a lot so it seems. Supposedly I have a harp that is substandard by some as well……HAHAHA!!!! It’s a Camac, and a wonderful instrument.

    If you love your instrument, just revel in the joy. Who cares what someone else has to say about it?

    Gillian Bradford on #159849

    Such reports and put downs are usually made by people with little to no experience with the instrument. When I went to purchase my first harp everyone said I should buy such and such as they were “the best”, well I didn’t buy one of those because I didn’t like them and found them to be overpriced compared to the one I did buy. I love my harp (by an obscure maker) and everyone who sees it also agrees it’s a very fine instrument. No-one who has ever heard it has said it’s anything but a great harp. But I’ve heard lots of people who’ve never seen it or one of it’s sisters make ridiculous statements about it’s quality.

    Just like all things there’s also a lot of

    unknown-user on #159850

    thank you so much for your kind response. I know that she is beautiful, and makes me melt when I play her… i know that it is horrible and wrong when people express their judgements, but they get inside my head. I really appreciate your words, I’ll stick them inside my head now.

    Actually, as my husband said, when our friend David Watkins, (he is to be honest one of the most beautiful concert harpists I have heard, a real master….) plays my harp it is like liquid magic, so I should stop fussing. Sadly at this point I only pull drops out her, bu with practice and time….

    I hope you keep enjoying your harp!


    unknown-user on #159851

    You are so right, and thank you for responding. Yes I have also heard that camacs can be very beautiful and I have also heard people being snotty about them….

    I think that it is the affordability that irks…

    Judgement is such a killer and so destructive.

    Thank you


    Tacye on #159852

    I am one of the harpists who can’t get along with Aoyamas, but I try not to put them down (well, except when talking to a few friends I know also dislike them).

    Gillian Bradford on #159853


    I regularly view David playing Aoyama harps on Youtube, whenever I need inspiration to practice or just want to revel in the mastery of a great harpist. I agree it’s nothing short of magickal. I enjoy my harp always, even when I’m not playing it.

    Bonnie Shaljean on #159854

    The music school I teach in has an Aoyama Orpheus, as do several of the students (one plays the smaller Etude model), and we also own another well known and respected brand of pedal harp.

    In fact the kids and I all prefer the tone of the Orpheus as it is brighter, with more presence. Ours is about 10 years old and still going strong – both our harps have “worn” well and demanded very little in the way of maintenance, so I would certainly lay to rest any idea that the Japanese harps are somehow inferior. I’ve been in contact with about five Orpheuses and an Etude over the years – one of them being my teaching harp which gets a lot of use – and never had a day’s problem. Aoyama has been in existence for as long as Lyon and Healy, and I think they are certainly as good as their equivalents in other makes. There are other Aoyama threads if you type that name into the Search box, which show many happy owners (below are a couple of links).

    Irene C on #159855

    My teacher owns an Ayoama harp and there is one at the college where I take my harp lessons.

    Janna B. on #159856

    I actually bought my teacher’s etude aoyama pedel harp when she retired.

    tonie-ogimachi on #159857

    I currently own two Aoyama lever harps.

    Fearghal McCartan on #159858

    I agree with you. Just because you don’t like a certain type of harp doesn’t mean that everyone else feels the same. I myself don’t enjoy the feel of the Aoyama – but then again I find that some Lyon and Healy’s don’t agree with me either. I prefer Salvi as a maker and would never part with my Arianna but if an Aoyama gives you the best sound and you feel comfortable playing it then it’s best to stay with it.

    hitomi-momose on #159859

    Hello Irene,

    Where do you live?

    unknown-user on #159860

    I have to say it has been brilliant watching this thread evolve, thank you so much to everyone who has posted. What a great community!


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