Any Canadians here?

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    unknown-user on #155381

    well…i’m a born canadian (winnipeg, brandon area) but I live in Europe.
    (vienna, austria)

    I’ve been playing for 3 1/2 years and I recently got a salvi aurora!

    unknown-user on #155382

    I’m a beginning harpist located in Vancouver, BC. It’s so wonderful to see other people from the Lower Mainland here!

    unknown-user on #155383

    Hey there!
    I’m a beginner harpist living in Central Alberta.

    unknown-user on #155384

    Another Vancouver, BC’er.

    unknown-user on #155385

    Hi! I’m a harpist from Ottawa, Ont. playing at weddings and restaurants. I’m totally happy doing this!!!
    Louise Ebeltoft

    unknown-user on #155386

    Hello Canadians!
    I’m addressing this q to you though maybe I should also post it
    as a new general subject.

    We are moving to Toronto in January (from Scotland).

    unknown-user on #155387

    I am a beginning harpist living in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. I am interested in purchasing a used Dorman harp as I understand he has retired from harp building. I am also interested in meeting other harpists in the area.

    hannah-roberts on #155388

    I’m a harpist in Montreal (Plateau), with a Dusty Strings Ravenna and Limerick MusicMakers wire-strung , both of which I bought from North Art Heritage Music in Salmon Arm, BC, and a second-hand Triplett Christina I bought from a harpist in Quebec City, who ordered it from Ottawa. There are more choices than ever before… and also amazing Canadian luthiers building harps like this one!

    hannah-roberts on #155389

    Hi Deb, I play wire-strung harp and there are very few teachers in North America in general. However, many people here work with a Skype teacher… I can recommend Simon Chadwick in St. Andrews, who charges 20 pounds per hour for Skype lessons, the same as his local students.
    A large number of clarsach players in North America import their instruments from
    Ardival in Scotland, so I am also doubtful that there would be any
    comparable instrument available for either hire or purchase to the harp your daughter’s teacher is offering.
    I have a wire-strung harp that is a bit of a hybrid, and I love it, but I can’t say it compares to the bell-like sound of the Scottish-built ones. Plus, it is strung in steel in the upper registers, which players who play with their nails say is very hard on them (I do not play with my nails).
    As well, 1000 pounds is quite a fair price for any well-built harp, and I’m sure you’d have no trouble selling it in Toronto if need be, considering how rare and beautiful the instrument is. People who have played other types of harps can enjoy playing simple tunes on a clarsach without more lessons…

    susan-rutherford on #155390

    Hi, I recently moved from Alaska to Victoria after I retired. To celebrate my move, I purchased a lever harp from Gerhard Wanney ( on Thetis Island. The more I play it, the more I’m in love with its beautiful sound. I take lessons via skype with Susan Zevenbergen in San Diego. She’s been the perfect teacher for me – always has what I need – whether technique, theory, improv and above all, having fun playing!

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