Any Canadians here?

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    Harper Cait on #155366

    Just out of curiosity…
    (I’m in the Montreal area).

    unknown-user on #155367

    I’m in Amherstburg (just south of Windsor), Ontario.

    Harper Cait on #155368

    Cool. Nice to meet you.

    What kind of harp do you play?
    I have been wondering what harping is like in Canada, and also what sorts of harps Canadians are playing… i.e. are most people ordering from the States or Canada, or what?

    unknown-user on #155369

    I am a pedal and lever harpist from Windsor, Ontario.

    unknown-user on #155370

    Hi, Caitlyn;
    Nice to meet you, too!

    unknown-user on #155371

    Hi, Melanie!

    Nelleke Kerkhoff on #155372

    Hi, I live just outside of Vancouver, BC, in the Fraser Valley area.

    mary-savard on #155373

    Hi Caitlyn:

    Harper Cait on #155374

    Hiya. Thanks for all the responses. I hope others will answer too!

    I am currently playing a Grape Harpsicle (my first harp), but have begun considering the move to a bigger, “better” harp. (THough I really love my harpsicle and it pains me to say “better”!!!)

    I like Muma harps (London, Ont) and have heard good things about JOsephus. Also have heard tons of good stuff about Blevins, but wasn’t sure if anyone in Canada usually ordered Blevins or other American harps (after exchange, shipping, etc) or if most people just stuck with something more local…

    So far I’m finding harpers are few and far between in Canada. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place!!

    Nice to meet you all.

    unknown-user on #155375

    We have a pretty strong harp community here in the Windsor area, from well-established pedal professionals to Celtic harpers to young beginners.

    Nelleke Kerkhoff on #155376

    Any other harpist Canadians from BC or the western provinces?

    unknown-user on #155377

    I live in southern Alberta – 17 years old-

    unknown-user on #155378

    I live in Burnaby, BC.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #155379

    Hi! I’m the harpist in the Vancouver Symphony in BC. I play on a Style 11 that I bought
    second-hand from Erica Goodman about 25 years ago, and a gold Style 23. I also play a
    beautiful Ron Wall folk harp. Ron Wall lives in Alberta right now, I believe, but he comes
    into Vancouver from time to time to sell his harps through Celtic Creations. Each of his
    harps is different, since he experiments with woods. Mine has a gorgeous, deep, tone, but
    is rather heavy to carry. Still, it’s a lot lighter than a pedal harp!

    unknown-user on #155380

    Lots of harpists in the Toronto area.

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