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    I just bought a 2012 Prius V. Before putting down the deposit, my husband and put the harp and dolly into the car and there’s plenty of room. The gas mileage on these cars is just amazing.

    Minnesota Harpist

    I’m not sure about a CG, but I’ve been looking at a car (next year :-(


    I’ve been looking at KIAs also.

    I was hoping my CG would fit in a Soul (such a cute affordable car!), but it was too short. The Sportage works for a CG if the passenger seat is pushed all the way up. The only issue with the Sportage is that the car is a tad bit too narrow, so you would need to prop the elbow of the harp up on a pillow or two to get the side door closed; otherwise the elbow hits the door handle.

    The KIA Sorento works well also. You can fit a passenger in the front seat. But I still had the issue of having to prop up the elbow.

    But I’m thinking I will probably go with a Sportage or possible Sorento. I am interested in an Outback Subaru, but it is more expensive. Has anyone tried the 2011 or 2012 models with a 85CG?


    Had my dream harp mobile picked out, then my home’s A/C died and living in TX replacing that was more important than upgrading my car. So now I’m searching on a tighter budget.

    Anyone using a MAZDA CX-7 or NISSAN Rogue as a harp car?

    I’m looking in the used car market — anywhere from 2008-2012 and would love to hear true accounts of mileage, service, reliability, etc.

    Gretchen Cover

    I have a 2006 Kia Sedona van with almost 100k miles on it. It has been a very reliable car with only minor repairs.


    I have a 2010 Outback and I LOVE it.


    I decided to go with the Subaru Forester–it fits my L&H 85CG nicely and is a lower price range than the Outback.

    You might want to check out Subaru’s leasing program–that has worked very well for me; maintenance (and roadside assistance!) is covered under the affordable monthly payments (email me if you would like more details on the leasing).

    I am getting 24 mpg on my Forester; however, since it is a brand new car, I expect the mileage to go up once it breaks in. Like Frances said, Subaru vehicles are known for their safety and reliability.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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