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    Philippa mcauliffe

    Hi Rod,

    B M

    Ford Escape fits my L&H 85 E semigrand beautifully! Make sure any Escapes you look at have completely removable bottom seat cushions for the back seats when you lay down the back seats if you are needing to fit a semigrand. Not sure if a CG will fit, though…haven’t tried it.


    Anyone have the Honda Crossroads?


    I wish someone would make a 3-seater.


    That Ford Escape seat cushion


    Thank you everyone for the info!

    I’m also in the market for a (preferably new) car to fit my 85CG.

    Looking for something that is small, affordable, reliable, and has good gas mileage.

    I’m interested in the Toyota Matrix…has anyone had success with it?

    Any other suggestions?

    Thank you!


    I just bought a 2004 Toyota Matrix for my L&H 85 CG and I love it! But I do know that that the newer models (2008-2011) did not fit my harp. Really weird but I’m very happy with my car right now! The Saturn Vue also fit my concert grand harp really well also and it’s excellent on Gas Mileage!


    >But I do know that that the newer models (2008-2011) did not fit my harp.

    Yes, they changed the wheelbase quite a bit for the 2008 model (when it began looking a bit less like an athletic shoe and more pseudo-baad).

    Janice M

    I’m also in the market….I used to drive a 1988 Ford Merkur Hatchback
    Sedan (German car).

    Laura Neil

    I am also in the market for a new car. We are looking at the 2011 Ford Explorer and the Ford Flex. Harp fits better than perfect in the Flex but I am not thrilled at how the car looks. Any one know if an 85CG will fit in the new 2011 Ford Explorer?


    Actually, that’s not true about the Prius, according to experience.


    I saw someone driving a Ford Flex and got very excited. At last, a real station wagon!


    The 2012 PriusV is called a station wagon.


    Saul, I’ve been yammering on about the Flex for over two years. It’s a wonderful safe car besides being very easy to load. i’d love someone to try to load a llarge harp into it.

    I know I could esaily get at least two 85 P’s in, and maybe even a third.


    Before I buy a car, I try one find the same model at a rental place, and rent it overnight. (Or from a friend to borrow for free.) I take it home and load up my harp, my keyboard, both amps, and music stands. Plus a big suitcase for good measure. Then I know for sure it will all fit! Plus, you can try driving it at night, on the freeway, backroads, etc. It’s saved me from one or two impulse buys I would have regretted.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 37 total)
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