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    Jessica Frost

    Hi all! I have a 2002 Ford Windstar that is on it’s last leg and I’m in the market for a new harp car. I really prefer column loading but am willing to consider gas efficient models (like the Prius) that would require loading on the side.

    My first choice is the Toyota Sienna but it appears that the new models no longer have a flat folding third row. Does anyone know how high the third row is when flat and if this makes loading a harp impossible? ….Why do car makers have to “fix things” and change things that are already working well for us!

    I also like the Prius and we have loaded my Daphne 40 in it but I don’t know if it will accommodate my LH23. Does anyone know if the Prius fits a 23 and if so, how many seats are still available for seating?

    Thanks in advance!


    I just bought a Chevrolet HHR, but do not have your size harp, but I would check it out, as reasonably priced.


    Just to tag along with Jessica’s last post, I’m in the market looking for a new harp car also. I notice that the car makers have been changing so many things that used to work for harpists in the past. The newer models have less cargo room and seats not being able to fold anymore. It would have to be excellent on gas and an SUV or wagon being the smallest transport car possible( since I just got rid of my van) … Any experiences with 2007-2011 cars would be great since those are the years I’m looking at. I’ve tried the Honda Fit and Toyota Matrix which were alright for my L&H CG, but way too tight. I’m trying out the Honda CRV and Toyota Rav4 this week but any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!


    I have been shopping around for cars as well (and harps for that matter!) Currently I have just a small 85p l&h but I plan on getting a concert grand some time in the near future. I have been looking at the Subaru Forrester and the Outback. Does anyone currently use those cars? Do they work well for the larger harps?


    I recently heard that the high cost of a Prius surpasses the amount one can save in gas. I am not fond of how silent they are. People I know have been nearly hit by one.

    It sounds to me like harpists need to make a united appeal to car manufacturers to retain features we need like flat folding seats!

    My brother bought an old Volvo station wagon, and it works very well.


    Also, the Prius fits a concert grand only if the driver is short. At 6′ with long legs, I cannot fit my harp in a Prius. When I finally got the door closed, the driver’s seat had to be so far up I couldn’t get my right leg across the steering wheel.

    The length was OK, but the hatch wouldn’t close over the base because the inside molding was contacting the leg with about an inch left to close it. Maybe a harp with a different base or legs might work, or maybe the shape of the inside molding of the hatch varies over model years to fit some harps better than others.

    A shame because I love driving a Prius much more than the Element I end up using when I need to move the harp. I’ve submitted feedback to ZipCar that I’d prefer more full size wagons.

    Philippa mcauliffe

    Forrester didn’t fit ours. Outback and liberty wagon yes. Mazda 6 wagon a bit less money, harp plus accessories ok and more mod cons but not 4wd. Skoda superb and vw not big enough. Volvo very nice but twice the price. Rav 4 lots of space, didn’t like the feel or interior. Utilitarian would be an understatement. Kluger has similar boot space to rav but rather like a tank. You might get a better one on you side of the world though. We have to have 2 passengers but I guess with left hand drive it is length behind driver that counts for a flat load unlike our right-hand drive.


    Just bought a 2012 Mazda 5 to move my Lyon and Healy style 30 CG. The middle and back seats fold completely flat, and I love it!


    Prius update: Elsewhere I posted that the new Prius (V) is supposed to be 6 inches longer than the previous model. This would make it a much more viable harp car, though you’d probably want to verify this with a dealer and make sure the harp and driver both fit.


    I’d be


    I don’t work for Ford but I own one! We have a Ford Flex that is worth every cent of its cost. It has gotten me to and from events in ice and snow, its VERY easy to load and unload, and it’s comfortable to use with the two back seats down flat.

    The gas mileage averages around 20 mpg. Also a wonderful trip car.


    Wow, it certainly sounds and looks nice but very pricey and apparently oversized


    That is a wonderfully entertaining car review.


    Volvo XC70 is the best harp car I’ve ever had. The load space is huge and nice and high so it’s a doddle to load. My styles 23 and 11 both fit with masses of room to spare. Plus it has automatic boot opening from the key remote! I have the 2 wheel drive version because it’s cheaper to run and we have snow once in a blue moon. The 4 wheel drive version would be perfect if you need it.



    I like the Outbacks.

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