Re: Who is John Doe, vote now!

Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #109963

By the way, of all people, Jane Doe showed up at the last concert of the Harp Music Festival of Philadelphia, looking for John, with all the children and dogs in tow. She swore she would come back each year until she found him. By the way, she appeared to be very religious, judging by the wig and long-sleeved dress she wore. She might have been Mennonite or Jewish, or something else altogether. She was about 5’2″ in height, might have weighed about 130 lbs. or so, and had bitten fingernails. She didn’t seem to be carrying any weapons except a rolling pin with bits of pie crust dough clinging to it. She seemed pretty rational, sort of, but when I talked to her face-to-face, her eyes sort of kept sliding sideways. Definitely a little odd.