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Venus pedal harps are wonderful. In fact, they are the ONLY pedal harps that I have bought in many years (I have another one on order as I write this.) Many people do not realize that Venus harps are based on old Lyon & Healy designs from the 1930s and 1940s.

Venus harps are very attractive and they have many, many styles from which to choose. Their harps have a beautiful tone… fact, the Venus tone sets them apart from their competitors, in my opinion. The company owners also take a personal interest in every harp ordered and supervise the entire process.

Having said that, harps are as individual as automobiles. What I might find enticing in a harp, another harpist may abhor.

I recommend (1) going to an AHS conference and playing every pedal harp on the floor and decide for yourself and/or (2) go to Chicago and tour both the Venus factory and the Lyon & Healy factory, and play the harps at both places.

Then, make your own decision.