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OK, this is what has transpired.

I bought little clip on lights at the Dollar Tree to try before a invested in any. The concept would probably work. The ones I bought rattled.

I played with a string ensemble for Christmas at an auditorium and they let me sit with my Dusty directly under a light and positioned around me. I didn’t need my Orchestra light at all. Yea!

Then I bought a pedal harp. Woohoo, it is lovely and within a couple of weeks was asked to play for a funeral. So the real test came. Being a beginner and nerves pumping, it went very well.

We were able adjust the brightness of the can lights and I positioned the harp just right. The Orchestra Mighty Bright worked well.

In playing around with the lights off at home, I realized that I could shine the light on the strings and play. So…………. I ordered another identical light so one can be on the strings and one on the music should I ever need this.

I also ordered Concedo strings.

May seem like overkill but remember I am not young and my eyes do not see as well as they used to.

Thanks for all your help.