Technicians Guild meeting held in Piasco, Italy


Pictured above, front row, L to R: Maria Rindenello-Parker, Nancy O’Brien, David Kolacny, Jason Azem, Andrea Ventura, Davide Rosso, Peter Wiley, Rachel Galbraith, Hilmar Gusik; middle row: Juno Lin, John Papadolias, Maro Lejarre, Shoichiro Takiguchi, Ryan Skelly, Davide Arduino, Billy Hornby, Stephen Hartman; back row: Antoni Gralak, William Yaros, Karen Gottlieb, Rocco D’Andretta, Dieter De Wilde, Karen Rokos, Steve Moss, Marco Bertola

Salvi Harps hosted the sixth meeting for members of the Lyon & Healy/Salvi Technicians Guild at the Salvi factory in Piasco, Italy. In addition to specialized factory tours and networking opportunities, technicians participated in a number of hands–on workshops covering maintenance, repairs, and regulations. One of the major goals of establishing the guild in 2006 was to create a standard that ensured harpists receive high quality work on their instruments. Guild members “use factory OEM parts and have a thorough understanding of the instrument and knowledge of all the technical aspects needed by regulators.” These technicians have been authorized to work on Lyon & Healy and Salvi harps around the world.

Lyon & Healy was established in Chicago in 1864 as a sheet music shop and started building harps in 1889. Italian–American Victor Salvi assumed his family’s business and established his brand after building his first harp in 1954.  Both companies build and globally distribute pedal and lever harps.

For more information, please visit the guild’s newly redesigned website,


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