Pacific Harps raising funds for California schools


Pasadena-based harp retailer Pacific Harps launched a fundraiser for their Harp in the Schools program, which works to provide harp lessons and rental harps to California schools.

Following recent government budget cuts to public school music programs in the state of California, Pacific Harps founder Carolyn Sykes has turned to private sources of funding to “fill the gap,” as she sees it, and provide young students with the opportunity for music education on the harp. Her motivation stems from personal experience. “Living and growing up in Australia,” Sykes recounts, “resources for the harp and teachers were very scarce. The harp is still an instrument that is relatively rare and difficult for many people to find and buy for their children today, even in the U.S.”

Using the platform, Pacific Harps has launched 20 crowdfunding campaigns of $5,000 each, which in total will cover harps, equipment, and tuition subsidies for 10 school programs. There are a variety of rewards for different donation levels, from harp music downloads to vintage magazine covers featuring the harp, harp strings, and even a live harp performance.

For more information, visit the Harp in the Schools program fundraising page.


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