Clive Morley Collection to be Auctioned


In March 2013 the Clive Morley Collection of harp music and related documents will be auctioned. “The Clive Morley Collection of Harp Music, Books, and Documents, is probably one of the largest harp libraries in the world —with some amazing and unique pieces in the collection,” according to Clive’s son Ben Morley. The collection originally began in 1817 when the Morley family began to make and repair harps and has grown over the years. In 1890, the Morley family purchased the London Erard harp business, and its harp shop in London became known to harpists worldwide.

The collection includes works by Parish Alvars, Aptommas, Bochsa, Chatterton, Concone, Cousineau, Dizi, Dussek, Egan, Elouis, Fabiani, Godefroid, Hasselmans, Holst, Holy, Edward Jones, Krumpholz, Lariviere, Labarre, Liszt, Lebano, Meyer, Naderman, Oberthur, John Parry, Pierne, Renie, Schuecker, Snoer, John Thomas, Zabel and others. More information is available or by contacting Clive Morley directly


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