Carol Robbins Releases New CD


Carol Robbins latest CD release, Moraga, is already getting some hot press following her September 23 release performance at Vitello’s Jazz and Super Club in North Hollywood, Calif. According to review blogger Don Heckman, Robbins displayed the skills of an “intriguing jazz harpist, composer, and band leader. Starting the evening with four original works, Robbins introduced the essence of her style. … Each piece was articulately conceived, ranging from crisp jazz lines to lush, floating impressionist harmonies.” Hrayr Attarian, who reviewed the CD for All About Jazz, says, This one of a kind record joins the handful of jazz-harp classics, like Ashby’s In a Minor Groove and Deborah Henson-Conant’s ‘Round the Corner in transcending both instrument and genre. It is simply delightful and a stimulating disc that should easily stand the test of time.”

The recording features Carol Robbins on harp along with Billy Childs (piano), Gary Meek (saxophones, and clarinet), Larry Koonse (guitar), Darek Oles (bass), and Gary Novak (drums).


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