Camac unveils new harp model, Égérie


French harpmaker Camac Harps has announced the launch of a new concert grand pedal harp, named the Égérie. The instrument was built as a complement to the Canopée and Art Nouveau models, which were introduced three years ago at the World Harp Congress in Hong Kong. Eric Piron, CEO of Camac, shares, “Since 2017, I have been fielding waiting lists for the Canopée and the Art Nouveau, for artists and orchestras who are in the market for this kind of instrument. Jakez [François, president of Camac] and I also realized that for those who want a more affordable harp, it was frustrating not to be able to access this sound. The Égérie is therefore the democratization of this harp build.”

Meaning “muse,” the Égérie’s aesthetic is inspired by the art deco and streamline moderne styles. François says, “You see this particularly in my soundboard design. It’s the most ornate part of the Égérie, because the soundboard is the heart of the harp’s sound.” Reflecting on the past three centuries of harpmaking, he adds, “What we have done is return to Erard’s curved lines, but in the context of modern production. You could call it a contemporary rediscovery of the ‘savoir faire’ of the nineteenth century.”

Click here to learn more about the Telenn Small Hands, another recent launch from Camac. For more information about the Égérie, visit


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