American Harp Society National Competition Winners


Alexandra Mullins won the Young Professional Division of the American Harp Society’s 20th National Competition, earning her the title of Concert Artist for the next two years. The biennial competition was held June 15–18, 2013, in conjunction with the American Harp Society 10th Summer Institute at the Colburn School of Music in Los Angeles. Mullins, a native of Charlotte, N.C., is currently a student at Indiana University.

Students competed in five divisions at the AHS National Competition. The winners are:

Young Professional Division (age 30 and under):
Alexandra Mullins first place and new AHS Concert Artist
Natalie Hoffmann second place
Ian Mcvoy third place
Kristina Finch fourth place
Caroline Reyes fifth place

Advanced Division (age 21 and under):
Katherine Siochi first place
Sage Po second place
Lauren Hayes third place
Ruriko Terada fourth place
Jessica Russell fifth place
Charles Overton sixth place

Intermediate II Division
Bonnie Bennett first place
Hannah Cope second place
Cara Souto third place
Sunny Wu fourth place
Katie Hill fifth place
Sarah Yeoh-Wang sixth place
Hannah Cope and Sunny Wu Grandjany Prizes

Intermediate I Division
Sophia Lee first place
Adam Phan second place
Jessica Ding third place
Abigail Bachelor fourth place
Alexis Smith and Caroline Jorgensen fifth place

Junior Division
Johanna Hein first place
Renee Murphy second place
Monet Wilson and Tiffany Wong third place
Emma DeMille fourth place
An-Ya Olson fifth place
Renee Murphy Salzedo Prize

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Photo: First and Second place winners of the 2013 American Harp Society National Competition: standing (L to R); Adam Phan, Hannah Cope, Natalie Hoffman, Sage Po, Renee Murphy; seated (L to R); Sophia Lee, Bonnie Bennett, Alexandra Mullins, Katherine Siochi, Johanna Hein.


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