50 Ways to Boost Your Income


No harpist is one-dimensional. Take your full  suite of skills and put it to work for you to pad your bottom line.

—by Kristina Finch and Alison Reese

Building a business that generates enough income to make it sustainable can feel a little bit like trying to solve a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle…every day. But what if you expanded the traditional boundaries of how you put your music education and harp skills to work? What if your freelance business didn’t simply consist of playing weddings and teaching harp lessons? What if you took all those ancillary skills you’ve honed along the way and combined them with your music expertise to create even more sources of income? Suddenly your paychecks wouldn’t come from just weddings and lessons. They’d come from weddings and lessons, tutoring kids in music theory, directing a music festival, typesetting music for other musicians, and, well, you get the idea. The possibilities for making money with your music skills are nearly limitless, but we thought we’d give you 50 to get you started.

1. Publish Your Own Arrangements

Take those hand-written arrangements you’ve done over the years for wedding clients, recital programs, or just for your own amusement and put them to work for you by publishing them. Never tried arranging? Give it a shot—start simple and expand upon a framework to keep from becoming overwhelmed. Look for music that is already in the public domain unless you plan to get permission from the copyright holder.

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