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Three years, and nearly 300 harp ensemble titles to choose from! Here’s why we started Harp Column Music:

I am a self-confessed ensemble nerd. I was a member of the school band and church choir throughout grade school. Beginning the harp brought with it a segue to orchestra and chamber music, and of course, harp ensemble. I’ve played in student ensembles, in professional ensembles, and conducted my own ensembles (that’s me, conducting!). Some people might think it’s weird how much I really do love harp ensemble!

This website started as a way to make harp ensemble music easier for students to get. I wanted my students to be able to easily get the parts they needed—without necessarily having to buy an expensive set that they might never use again. And because I’m not always the greatest planner, I wanted students to be able to get music fast! As in, send them an email and they have their music an hour later. No excuses about backorders, out of print editions, or showing up to rehearsal with the oh-too-familiar “I forgot to order it.” I also wanted harp ensemble music arrangers to get fairly compensated for their efforts, and make it so easy for people to purchase parts legally that they wouldn’t be tempted to just copy them.

Three years later, we can’t believe how many arrangers, teachers, and students are on board with our plan! One thing we realized quickly—there’s a LOT of great material out there! We’ve discovered great new artists I had never even heard of, and we now have nearly 300 ensemble arrangements at every level with the list growing every day. And most of our artists sell parts individually, with prices as low as $2.00.

We are really, really excited that our dream of creating an easy, affordable harp ensemble resource is now a reality. Whether you’re a teacher looking for new music for your students, or a professional ensemble looking for new repertoire, we have something for you! And if you’re an ensemble arranger looking for a way to offer your music to a wider audience, we’d love to hear from you as well.

If you’ve purchased ensemble music here on Harp Column Music, let us know what you think. Post a review on any piece to let others know about your experiences. We’d love to hear from you!

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