Strolling Albert


Stephen Dunstone’s original composition “Strolling Albert,” for one or two flutes and lever or pedal harp, is a “cheerful, jaunty piece, with a melody you find yourself wanting to whistle as you stroll along,” says the composer. “The Albert in the title refers to Domenico Alberti, who gave his name to the Alberti bass pattern, which features strongly in the harp part.” The piece comes in versions for harp and one or two flutes.

This piece is available as a PDF download in the following combinations:

  • Complete Set: $10.60
    (Includes scores with harp parts for one and two-flute versions, as well as flute parts for both versions)
  • Score only (two flute version): $5.00
  • Score only (one flute version): $4.50
  • Flute only (two flute version): $3.50
  • Flute only (one flute version): $2.50

Length: scores with harp part are 5–6 pgs.; flute parts are 2-3 pgs.

Duration: 1:45