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Maurice Draughn’s Metamorphosis is an original work for violin, cello, and harp. Commissioned by the Eason Trio, this multi-movement work was inspired by Robert Duncan’s poem of the same name. “Each movement follows the prose of the poem with the correlation of musical segments and stanzas,” says the composer. “The combination of violin, cello, and harp provides a delicate but sonorous tapestry of lyricism through the interweaving of melodic and accompanying lines. Utilizing musical elements, the narrative of the ‘three’ is depicted continuously throughout the performance by the trio.”

This piece is available as a PDF download for $15.00.
(Includes harp score and violin and cello parts.)

Pages to print: harp score is 35 pgs.; violin and cello parts are 14 pgs.

Duration: 18:00