Between My Balloon and the Moon


Julia Kay Jamieson’s original composition Between My Balloon and the Moon is “a journey from earth to the stars,” says the composer. The piece is written for 4 lever or pedal harpists from early to mid-intermediate level. Several extended techniques are used to create varied texture over a sweet, simple melody ending in an “outer-space disco.”

This piece is available as a PDF download in the following combinations:

Complete Set (includes score and 4 parts): $35.00
Score only: $15.00
Harp 1 only: $6.00
Harp 2 only: $6.00
Harp 3 only: $6.00
Harp 4 only: $6.00


Length: Score is 22 pgs.; parts are 11–12 pgs.


Duration: 5 1/2 mins.