The Spirits of the Seven Colours


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This collection of seven original compositions for pedal and lever harp by Daniele Garella is dedicated to the rainbow colors and their energy, and to the spirits that govern the colors. Two of these compositions (“Yellow” and “Blu”) were mandatory compositions for 4th and the 6th Italian International Harp Contest in Saluzzo (Italy). Included are:

Red (Spirit of Life): the Volcano
Orange (Spirit of Holiness): the Sacred Water of the Spring
Yellow (Spirit of Wisdom): the Sun Rises
Green (Spirit of Eternity): Dancing with Mother Earth
Blu (Spirit of Truth): an Ocean of Peace and Harmony
Indigo (Spirit of Strength): a Consecrate Journey
Violet (Spirit of Sacrifice): Blessing Mountains

This collection is available as a PDF download for $15.00.

Length: each piece is 3-7 pgs.; total 35 pgs.

Duration: 35:00

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