An Italian Festival


Alyssa Reit’s An Italian Festival includes eight traditional Italian religious songs and folk melodies arranged for solo lever or pedal harp. The unusual and simple melodies are set in a variety of styles, easy enough for advanced beginners and sophisticated enough for professional use. All melodies include a simpler first verse that can be played on its own or in combination with the following more elaborate second verse. Included are:

“Fratello Sole Sorella Luna”
“Benedetto Nei Secoli”
“Stabat Mater”
“Davanti al Re”
“Cantico Della Creature”
“Madre del redentore”
“Dormi Mio Piccolo”
“Chi Ci Separera”

This collection is a PDF download available for $15.00

Length: 22 pgs.; each song is 2 pgs.

Duration: Each song is 1–2 mins.