YouTube Video #3

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    Christian Frederick on #151139

    I just posted my third YouTube video! It took me many years to build up enough confidence to do this. This video is is BOTH PIANO & HARP and ended up being a small production. There are several more videos to follow. Hope you enjoy….

    Nat Shaw on #151140

    Clearly the time has come to share your exquisite gifts on a larger ‘stage.’

    Christian Frederick on #151141

    Thank you Nat.

    It is soooooo much easier playing in the middle of a grand lobby with lots of activity, in the corner of a restaurant, or in the pit of a show. This venue has been a gift to me to play in front of a sitting audience, which is my Thanksgiving blessing this year…..

    Simona Millham on #151142

    You are a very elegant and inspiring performer. Thanks for posting your videos!

    Christian Frederick on #151143

    Thanks Simona!

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