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    Veronika on #228499

    Has anyone been to a World Harp Congress before? This year it’s in Cardiff, which is reasonably accessible to me, so I’m tempted. But before I spend £525 plus a membership fee, I’d like to know a bit more, and there’s not much information on the website yet.

    The website says the pass gives access to all events, but how would that work with workshops? Indeed, are there going to be any workshops, and if so, is there any point in attending a workshop where there might be a few hundred other people?

    I have experience with physics conferences but not musical ones, so I’d love to hear stories, comments, etc.

    Jerusha Amado on #228567

    I haven’t been to a World Harp Congress before, but since the next one will be in Cardiff, I think the awesome harpist Ben Creighton-Griffiths will likely participate. I would love the chance to see him perform live and to work with him!

    Veronika on #228571

    Yes, it’s the chance of working with fantastic harpists that’s the main attraction for me. The question is how much of a chance a participant gets to work with anyone if there isn’t a restriction on class size? That’s what is not clear to me…

    Of course it might be a good chance to meet up with other people from this forum! 🙂

    emma-graham on #228572

    I went to Sydney and it was without doubt the best week of my life. I made so many friends, met people I only knew previously in cyberspace, mixed with superstars of the harp world and learned sooooooo much. I couldn’t afford to go to Hong Kong but can’t wait for Cardiff. Hope to see you there!

    Tacye on #228573

    I went to Prague, which was brilliant, and for a day to Geneva because I had developed a fascination with the konghou at the Prague one. It may of course have changed since, but I don’t remember any workshops where participants were playing – they were all presentations to an audience (and a bit of singing/clapping etc) or lecture recitals so worked with larger numbers than if everyone had a harp.

    Veronika on #228579

    Well, you’ve convinced me. See you there! 🙂

    Alison on #228589

    I went to Cardiff WHC in circa 1993, it didn’t cost an arm and a leg then so I don’t see why it should now ! ??

    emma-graham on #228692

    Alison, is it possible that you might be confusing the World Harp Festival with the WHC? There were only 2 of them I think – in 1991(?) and 1994, both in Cardiff. I went to both and yes, they were very reasonably priced and brilliant. I still have the programmes.

    While the WHC is certainly a LOT of money, based on my experience in Sydney, it is worth every penny. I do question the need to buy a membership separately on TOP of the ticket prices though. It’s a pointless faff that should be included in the ticket price!

    Veronika on #243984

    The WHC has been postponed till 2021.

    Mary Song on #256551

    Does anyone know the dates for next year?

    Veronika on #257090

    23 to 28 July 2022, apparently. There’s going to be an online event this July, too, according to the website, although the programme didn’t look that interesting to me. (Plus, online music events just do not work for me, so I’ll just keep looking forward to next year.)

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