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    sidney-butler on #150642

    Is there an easy way on the web to find out the orchestration of a piece?

    ann reid on #150643

    Most musicals are owned by either Tams Witmark, Music Theater International, or Rodgers and Hammerstein.

    If the musical you’re looking for is listed by any of these three companies, the orchestration will be listed on their websites.

    David Daniels’ book “Orchestral Music” is a wonderful resource for orchestral repertoire. I have the 3rd and 4th editions. It’s really interesting reading if you love orchestral music.

    Neither of the two works that you’ve mentioned have a harp part listed.

    sidney-butler on #150644

    “Neither of the two works that you’ve mentioned have a harp part listed.”


    alice-freeman on #150645

    If Kalmus carries the music you can get a lot of information here ( Clinton Nieweg’s editions are also listed with full instrumentation information.

    — Alice in windy Wyoming

    Sylvia Clark on #150646

    Luck’s music library is a great place to look, also.

    carl-swanson on #150647

    The problem with Musicals is that many have been reorchestrated for a smaller ensemble and frequently do not include harp. They will use instead a keyboard with a “harp” button.

    kreig-kitts on #150648

    And these days they frequently use a keyboard with a “whole orchestra” button. Ability to actually play a keyboard is optional as the notes are already programmed in.

    Sid Humphreys on #150649


    Have you concidered Bizet’s L’Arlesienne 2? the third movement has a wonderful harp and flute duo. Check it out on YouTube…

    sidney-butler on #150650

    Thanks for that suggestion, Sid, but that pieces was on the 08-09 program already.

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